Trophies for Mini Shows

The Armstrong Trophy
for High Aggregate of the Mini-Shows


The VRGC Mini-Show
Runner-up Trophy

VRGC is known in the gardening community for its wonderful monthly mini-shows, and we are a favourite with the accredited judges who come out each month to adjudicate them.

Points are awarded and compiled. At year-end, trophies are presented to the exhibitor with the most points and to the runner-up.

In 2018 we added a new category – People’s Choice. Members may show anything they like from their garden. Instead of being judged professionally, it is rated by fellow members. Points are awarded in the same manner as the judged categories. This has become a popular part of our monthly meetings.

An excerpt from Celebrating 70 Years
Compiled by Carole Carver
Co-President 2018 +2020
President 2017
Past President 2019
Newsletter Editor 2011 + 2012
Carole has also volunteered in many situations. She often can be counted on to chair a Garden Show or host the Centerpiece workshop in advance of our Annual Awards Celebration & Christmas Social.

When I was chatting with Joan Mury after the Executive Meeting, she reminded me about how the Mini Show used to work.  IT WAS CASUAL!! We did have categories, but members did the judging.  You had to keep your head down, so you weren’t fingered for the Job before the meeting started that night.  Amazingly no one ever came to blows about the uneven results (maybe because they would have to do the Job next month.)  And you think now being asked to thank the judges is something!  I don’t remember when we started having accredited judges for the Mini Show.

Ann Fox
Show Coordinator– 2015-2017
Catering Coordinator– 2011
Ann & Michael have often opened their garden for tours & workshops
(and so much more…)

The Armstrong Trophy
for High Aggregate of the year’s Mini-Shows

mini-show 2019

First awarded in 1999, at the annual Dessert Party, to mark the end of a successful year of gardening for our club.

Named in honour of Elizabeth Armstrong, the crystal flower basket was chosen by Del Lang & Heather West to hold the winner’s posies until passed on the following year.  The trophy choice was felt to be representative of the spirit of Elizabeth’s own English garden, which was full of lovely cutting flowers, and of her enthusiastic promotion of club member’s participation in the mini-shows.  The trophy is to be used, as that would be what Elizabeth would do had she owned it.

Elizabeth was a staunch supporter of the View Royal Garden Club and encouraged member participation in all aspects of the club.  During an interview by the Goldstream gazette in 1999 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the club, Elizabeth reiterated that encouragement by stating, “Beginners are the point of the club.”

She was renowned for pinning a small fabric rose on the lapels of new members and providing them with a hearty, “Welcome!”

Plants donated to the sales table, identified as coming from Elizabeth’s garden, were always quickly scooped up by other club members.  To this day, we delight in the first appearance of the little yellow aconites by our front entry that will always be “Elizabeth’s.”

Elizabeth Frances Armstrong left us in 1999 (1917-1999), and the warmth that club members felt towards her was reflected in the overflowing gathering at All Saints’ Church for her service. The abundance of flowers in the church given by the View Royal Garden Club was a final tribute by the club to this most treasured member.

Heather West
Heather West & Del Lang were active club members for many years. Del was president for some of them. They donated the Elizabeth Armstrong Cup for High Aggregate in the year’s Mini-Shows. They were also instrumental in 2005, in the updating & colourization of the club’s Exhibitor’s Handbook

The Mission Cup Story

At one time, Mary Barker was responsible for the club’s monthly mini-shows, but there wasn’t a trophy for the annual winner.

Mary also volunteered in the Next To New Shop in the basement of All Saints Church. The shop was open every Saturday.  One day a trophy arrived, and Mary thought, “That would be perfect for the mini-show.”  It seemed appropriate to name it the Mission Cup.

In 1999 Heather West & Del Lang donated a new trophy for High Agreggare in the mini-show.  It was in remembrance of long term member Elizabeth Armstrong.    The Mission Cup was rededicated as a Runner-up Trophy for the mini-show.

The Mission Cup has never had winners’ names engraved on it.

In the fall of 2019,  as part of our 70th Anniversary year, the executive replaced the small Mission Cup with one that better honoured the effort & achievement that goes into winning it.

As with the former Mission Cup, the new View Royal Garden Club Mini-Show Runner-up Trophy will not be engraved with recipient names.

updated Jan 24, 2020

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