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Jan.24 2013
Interest in the Winter Garden – Gardener Carol Dancer will briefly share photos from her recent trip to Japan before presenting a show & tell plants of interest in the winter garden.
Carol Dancer – 250-721-5273
Carol Dancer Bio
Carol Dancer has gardened across Canada from Newfoundland to the West Coast.
Besides working in the UBC, Botanical Garden, she also worked at Government House Gardens, here in Victoria. Carol spent 6 years as Head Gardener and was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for her contributions there.
Her home garden was on The Conservatory of Music tour this past year. It is of special interest for her attention to rhododendrons, small trees and shrubs


Feb.28 2013
Incorporating Edibles Into Your Landscaping – will be this month’s topic, presented by Pamela Pack of Pamela Greenthumbs Creations.
Pamela Pack Bio
Pamela grew up in a gardening family. She took her love of gardening a step further by volunteering at her kids’ schools, teaching students while beautifying the school landscape.
Pamela is certified through HCP for Sustainable Gardening and Plant Identification. She’s received her diploma for Organic Land Care through Gaia College, where she also teaches.
Pam Greenthumbs speaker notes.


Mar.28 2013
Garden Photography – Exploring the visual art of photography in a garden setting with professional photographer Allan Mandell
Allan Mandell bio
Allan has an MFA and was inspired by garden photography during a year in the gardens of Kyoto, Japan. He’s since practised his art, displaying in galleries in the US, Canada. His workshops & lectures ask if a garden can be faithfully represented in an image.


Apr.25 2013
30 Best Perennials for Victoria – Popular garden show host Jeff de Jong presents a slide show of his perennial plant picks for long-lasting local gardens.
Jeff de Jong, bio
For many years Jeff taught horticulture at Olds College and the Master Gardener Program. He continues to pass on his expertise Sunday mornings on C-FAX 1070 through his “Gardening 101” radio show. He also writes articles for several gardening magazines including the Canadian Gardener. Jeff is currently the Manager at the renowned Abkhazi Garden, and leads garden tours to New Zealand, Europe and South Africa.


May 23 2013
Daylilies – Horticulturalist Sandra Nelson, of Urban Oasis Daylily Nursery, has been hybridizing Daylilies since 2oo8, She will be speaking to our club about her collection of over 120 Daylilies.
Sandra Nelson, bio
Sandra Nelson is a trained horticulturist, artist, athlete and tomboy gardener, ingrained with a deep love of nature. Add to this mix a strong sense of family and community, and you capture the essence of Sandra.
For this third-generation Victoria resident and mother of three, gardening is the thread that ties together her many passions, because, Sandra knows that gardens make everyone bloom.
At a young age, Sandra fell under the spell of plants; realizing that gardens would be her life’s journey. Working with plants, constructing gardens, and observing the creatures that share them is the fervor she will always carry.


June 27, 2013
Using Your Garden Flowers In Arrangements – June Jackson discusses & displays some flower arranging basics. Bring some blooms from your own garden for an impromptu arrangement.
June Jackson 250-381-2967
June Jackson bio
With June Jackson ‘s experience as a florist, master gardener & farmer, it’s no surprise that she’s also put her skills into judging flower arrangements.


July 2012 – no meeting in July


August 22, 2013
Interest in the Winter Garden – Hosted at the Colwwod GardenWorks & with a 6:30 pm start, GardenWorks staff will demonstrate shrubs with colour, shape & texture to keep interest in the garden all year round.


Sept.26 2013
Permaculture Tips for the Home Garden – Consultant Alysha Punnett specializes in providing permaculture education, design, and installations. She’ll share her top tips for this self sufficient & sustainable practice in our own home gardens.
Alysha Punnett bio
Alysha Punnett has a passion for design & instalation of sustainable food producing landscapes. She studied Environmental Management at Royal Roads University. Along with independent consulting, Alysha also shares her skills at the Victoria Compost Education Centre.


Oct.24 2013
The evolution of a garden water feature– VRGC member Michael Fox researched thoroughly before building his very pleasing pondless waterfall. After 3 years of 24/7 operation, a necessary adjustment presented the opportunity to redesign for improved visual appeal.
Michael Fox 250-727-0076
Michael Fox bio
Michael has been a valued member of our garden club for many years. He has held several positions on the executive, including president. It has been our pleasure to tour his home garden as it progresses under his care.


Nov.28 2013
The Christmas Party does not include a speaker presentation


Dec. 2013 – no meeting in December.

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