We are running a hybrid of zoom and in-person meetings.
For February 2023, we’re meeting on Zoom only. Starting in March, the mini-show component returns to our classic formula.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Jan Dew
Mini-Show Coordinator

Our Mini Show, or Parlour Show, is a small exhibition at each general meeting. These shows allow members to demonstrate:

  • what can be grown locally,
  • display new or unusual plants
  • have unknown plants identified.

This can spark conversation and information sharing.
Entering a mini-show also teaches us how to exhibit for our seasonal shows, because Mini Show entries are also examined by a BC-accredited judge who offers comments on the exhibit.

If you have a plant problem or query, you can enter something in the Display Only/Problem Inquiry.

If you’d like to share something from your garden or indoor plant collection, and it’s not covered by the display options for the month, you can enter it in the Unlisted category.

The mini-show is a great opportunity to learn more about your garden and your plants.
Congratulations to everyone who entered the mini-shows over the past year – their efforts bring smiles and appreciation from everyone attending our meetings!

Monthly Mini Show Schedule 2023

NOTE: Mini-Show items MUST be in place by 7:15 pm to allow time for the judges to make their decisions.  At that time, the exhibit tables are closed to everyone except judges and the Mini Show Coordinator.  This allows the judges to freely discuss the merits of the entries, compare ideas, and consolidate their comments.  So, while the judges are working, it is an opportunity for you to vote & enjoy the People’s Choice exhibits or visit with other club members.  Please do not visit the other exhibit table until after the judging has been completed, when everyone is then welcome to view all exhibits & the judges’ comments.  

other quick links:

Wednesday, FEBRUARY 22, 2023  (modified – Zoom Meeting only)
1. Decorative: Zoom Meeting – “That’s Amore” (Dean Martin song inspiration)
2. Unlisted (People’s Choice)

Wednesday, MARCH 22, 2023
1. Large Narcissus – 1 stem
2. Small Narcissus – 1 stem
3. Any other bulb ** – 1 stem
4. Perennial – 2 stems
5. Flowering branch – 1 stem
6. Decorative: “Leprechaun’s Treasures”, designer’s choice
7. Display only / Problem inquiry
8. Unlisted (People’s Choice)

Wednesday, APRIL 26, 2023
1. Rhododendron / Azalea – 1 truss / spray
2. Tulip, Lily type – 1 stem
3. Tulip, Other – 1 stem
4. Any perennial – 2 stems
5. Other bulbous flower ** – 1 stem
6. Decorative: “Showers of Flowers” designer’s choice
7. Herbs – 3 or more in water
8. Flowering branch – 1 stem
9. Display only / Problem inquiry
10. Unlisted (People’s Choice)

(click to link to Spring Show)

Wednesday, MAY 24, 2023  
1. Rhododendron / Azalea – 1 truss / spray
2. Any perennial – 2 stems
3. Iris* – 1 stem
4. Flowering branch – 1 stem
5. Decorative: “Pocket Full of Posies”, – designer’s choice
6. Herbs – 3 or more in water
7. Vegetable (see Mini Show Guide for numbers)
8. Rose “with 2 leaves attached” – 1 stem
9. Display only / Problem inquiry
10. Unlisted (People’s Choice) 

(click to link to Summer Show)

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
-no mini-show in June

JULY – -no meeting in July

AUGUST – – no meeting in August

(click to link to Fall Show)

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 27, 2023
1. Rose in a snifter
2. Dahlia – 1 stem (with leaves attached)
3. Tomatoes – 3 only
4. Vegetable (see Mini Show Guide for numbers)
5. Fruit – (see Mini Show Guide for numbers)
6. Perennial – 2 stems
7. Decorative: “Fall Fiesta”, designer’s choice
8. Display only / Problem inquiry
9. Unlisted (People’s Choice)

Wednesday, OCTOBER 25, 2023
1. Fruit – (see Mini Show Guide for numbers)
2. Perennial – 2 stems
3. Vegetable (see Mini Show Guide for numbers)
4. Tomatoes – 1 standard or 5 cherry
5. Carved pumpkin or squash
6. Decorated pumpkin or squash
7. Decorative: “The Monster Mash”, designer’s choice
8. Dahlia – 1 stem, with leaves attached
9. Display of Herbs
10. Display only / Problem inquiry
11. Unlisted (People’s Choice)

Wednesday, NOVEMBER 22, 2023
-no mini-show in November,
Enjoy the Christmas Social & Awards Celebration

DEC. – – no meeting in December

* – “unlisted (People’s Choice)” is an open category to be judged by the members. Exhibitors may enter anything they have grown for review, and points will be awarded.
** – bulb includes true bulbs, corms, tubers, tuber-corms, tuberous roots & rhizomes.

NB: More than one entry may be tabled in any class provided they are different cultivars.


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