Fall Show 2020 (Modified)

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Modified Fall Show
September 12th 2020

B. DECORATIVE DIVISION – Designer’s Choice.
10.  Miniature/Petite – not more than 9” in any dimension.
11. “In a Bubble”
12. Decorative Foliage, 3 or more varieties, 1 or 2 cuts each, balanced & pleasing to the eye.
13. Collection of perennials – 3 or more varieties, 1 or 2 cuts each, own foliage, balanced & pleasing to the eye.

40. Bowl of Petunias.
41.Marigolds with attached foliage, 3 stems.
42.Cosmos, 3 stems.
43. Bowl of Sweet Peas, not over 24 stems.
44. Bowl of Nasturtiums, with own foliage.
45. Asters, 3 blooms.
46. Any Everlasting type flower, 3 stems.
47. Sunflower, 1 stem.
48. Any other annual, 3 stems.

60. Cyclamen, 1 stem
61. Dianthus, including Carnations, 3 stems.
62. Gloriosa Daisy, 3 blooms.
63. Japanese Anemone, 3 stems.
64. Ornamental grass, 3 cut stems
65. Ornamental grass, 3 cut stems with seed heads
66. Any bulbous flower except those listed in other classes, 1 stem.
67. Geranium, Hardy, 3 stems.
68. Tuberous Begonia, 1 bloom floating with foliage, solid or bi-colour
69. Any other bloom, 1 stem.

F. ROSE DIVISION – Unless otherwise stated, roses are to be displayed with a minimum of one set of attached composite leaves.
80. Bud in own vase, 1 with petals beginning to unfurl, less than ¼ open, but not green, with attached foliage.
81. Specimen Bloom, with attached foliage, (any colour, one stem, one bloom).
82. Hybrid Tea, with attached foliage, 1 spray.
83. Floribunda or Polyantha, with attached foliage, 1 spray.
84. Grandiflora, multiple blooms, with attached foliage, 1 stem.
85. David Austin English Rose, with attached foliage, 1 spray (MUST BE NAMED).
86. Shrub rose with attached foliage, 1 spray
87. Miniature, with attached foliage, 1 spray.
88. Miniature, 3 blooms in a container.
89. One floating rose – in own brandy snifter (judged for fragrance) no foliage.
90. Bowl of roses, with own foliage, any type or types, at least 9 stems, own bowl

100. Heather Bowl
101. Shrub or Tree, 1 branch with flowers and/or berries.
102. Vine, 1 stem, with flowers.
103. Hydrangea macrophylla, 1 stem, any colour.
104. Hydrangea arborescens, 1stem.
105. Hydrangea “Lacecap”, 1 stem.

H. DAHLIA DIVISION – 1 bloom with at least one pair of attached leaves, no buds.
110. Dahlia, any type, over 10″ in diameter.
111. Dahlia, decorative, formal/informal.
112. Dahlia, cactus/semi cactus.
113. Dahlia, ball.
114. Dahlia, pompom, up to 2″ in diameter.
115. Dahlia, water lily.
116. Dahlia, laciniated.
117. Dahlia, peony, anemone, collarette, single, mignon single or orchid.
118. Dahlia, novelty, excluding varieties eligible for 110 to 117.

I. VEGETABLE DIVISION – Please refer to VRGC Guide for Entrants to the Mini Show, 2019 for tips on how best to exhibit your fruits and vegetables.
130. Artichoke, globe, 1 specimen.
131. Beans, bush, Climbing or Pole, Stems on,  6 pods.
132. Beets 3
133. Broccoli, sprouting, 1 head.
134. Cabbage, green/red/purple, 1 head.
135. Carrots, 3 carrots.
136. Corn, husks and shanks off, 3 ears.
137. Cucumber, Long English style or any other variety, 1 only.
138. Cucumbers, pickling 3 only.
139. Garlic, 3 bulbs, ripened with neck attached.
140. Kale, 1 leaf in water.
141. Leeks, 1 only.
142. Lettuce, “head” or leaf” with roots, in water, own transparent container.
143. Onions, ripened off, 3 bulbs.
144. Parsnips, 1 only.
145. Peas, standard, “Snap” or “Snow” stems on, 5 pods.
151. Pepper, Hot or Sweet, stem on, 1 of standard size or 3 of small varieties.
152. Potatoes, brushed – not washed, 3 of same variety.
153. Pumpkin, stem attached, 1 only.
154. Shallots, 1 bulb.
155. Squash, summer, 1 only.
156. Squash, winter, 1 only.
157. Swiss Chard, 1 leaf, in water.
158. Tomatoes, cherry, grape, pear type, stems on, any colour, 5.
159. Tomatoes, standard size, stems on, any colour, 3.
160. Tomatoes, Roma type, stems on, any colour, 3.
161. Tomatoes, Beefsteak type, stems on, any colour, 1.
162. Tomatoes, unripe (green), numbers appropriate for size
163. Any other vegetable, number appropriate for size.

J. HERB DIVISION – Herbs should have no flowers and be named (Common names are acceptable).
180. Container of 5 or more herbs, cut, labelled and in water.

K. FRUIT DIVISION – All berries to be shown on their own leaves.
190. Apples, all one variety, should be named, stems on, 3.
191. Grapes, 1 bunch, variety should be named.
192. Peaches, all one variety, should be named, stems on, 3.
193. Pears, all one variety, should be named, stems on, 3.
194. Plums, all one variety, should be named, stems on, 3.
195. Blackberries, stems on, 6.
196. Raspberries, stems on, 6.
197. Any other berry, stems on, 6.
198. Any other fruit, not berries, 3.

L. Display Only Division
Entries from any Division you would like to show (not judged)


  • Upon entry to the Hall, please use hand sanitizer, wear a mask, provide requested contact tracing information and maintain a 6’ distance from others.
  • All exhibits are to be prepared at home, using your own containers. There will be no setup table at the Hall. Your container will not be judged (except for Decorative Division). Meat trays, paper plates or paper towel would be a good option for Fruits and Vegetable exhibits.
  • Please prepare your entry forms at home. This will help to minimize the amount of time spent in the Hall during set up
  • Please refer to the VRGC Guide for Entrants to the Mini Show, 2019 for tips on how best to exhibit your flowers, fruits & vegetables.
  • All entries must have been grown by the exhibitor for at least two months prior to the show. Flowers in the decorative division must be from the exhibitor’s or a friend’s garden (NOT PURCHASED).
  • Exhibits are to be of 1 stem unless stated otherwise.
  • Exhibitors may show more than one entry in a class provided they are different cultivars or species.
  • The tabling of diseased/pest-infested plant material is not permitted and such plant material will be removed.
  • Fruit and vegetable exhibits should contain the number of items specified in the VRGC Guide.
  • The judges or the Show committee may subdivide classes in which there are large numbers of entries.
  • Definition information is available in the VRGC Guide


Exhibit: Plant material with or without accessories. Bases, backgrounds and title cards may be included. Plant material must predominate over all other components of the exhibit. Fresh plant material must be in water or in water-retaining material.

No artificial plant material. Painted and/or artificially coloured plant material will be accepted in Decorative Division only.

Show Co-ordinator – Carol Ann 250-858-9568 cell

updated Sept.8, 2020