Summer Divisions 2021

printer friendly copy of 2021 Summer Show pamphlet
Note: Class numbers are not consecutive.

Unless otherwise stated, roses are to be displayed with a minimum of 1 set of attached composite leaves left on the stem.
1. David Austin – any colour, no buds, ½-3/4 open
2. Floribunda – any colour, no buds, ½-3/4 open
3. Grandiflora – any colour, no buds ½-3/4 open
4. Hybrid Tea – any colour, ½-3/4 open, no buds
5. Shrub roses – any colour, no buds, ½-3/4 open
6. Sprays – any cultivar, any colour, at least 2 blooms open
7. Miniature – 1 floating in stemmed glass with no foliage
8. Miniature – 1 growing in a suitable size pot
9. Miniature – 1 spray (at least 2 blooms open)
10. Mini-flora or Patio Rose – 1 spray
11. Bowl of miniatures – minimum 9 blooms
12. Cycle of bloom (3 stems, 1 cultivar, own vase)
– – 1 Bud, coloured petals just beginning to unfurl, less than ¼ open
– – 1 Bloom, exhibition stage (1/2-3/4 open)
– – 1 Bloom, fully open (stamens may show)
13. One floating rose – in own Brandy snifter (judged for fragrance) NO foliage
14. Single bloom on a bed of moss, with one or more of own leaflets
15. Any type of bloom – 1 fully open with decorative stamens
16. Bud in own vase – ¼ open with attached foliage
17. Bowl of roses – any type or types (other than minis) own foliage, at least 9 stems, own bowl
19. Display Only (not judged)

(B) DECORATIVE DIVISION – Designer’s Choice
(see definitions in Guide for Entrants)
20. Miniature exhibit not over 5 inches in dimension
21. Petite exhibit between 5 and 9 inches in dimension
22. “Queen of Hearts”
23. Collection of perennials (3 or more varieties) 1-2 cuts of each, own foliage, balanced and pleasing to the eye
24. Display Only  (not judged)

The tabling of diseased or pest-infested plant material is not permitted and such plant material will be removed.
29. African Violet
30. Orchid
31. Fern
32. Cacti
33. Container of Succulents – one variety
34. Container of Succulents – 2 or more varieties
35. Any other indoor plant
– flowering, excluding those in 30-35
36. Any other outdoor plant
– foliage, excluding those in 30-35 (no buds nor blossoms showing colour permitted)
37. Decorative outdoor plant/s in a container
39. Display Only (not judged)

38. Pansy, 3 stems, 1 variety, less than 1.5″, in club container
41. Pansy, 3 stems, 1 variety, more than 1.5″, in club container
39. Iris
40. Rock plant – 3 cut stems
41. Rock plant/s grown in a container
42. Peony – single, any colour
43. Peony – double, any colour
44. Poppy
45. Grasses – 3 cut stems
46. Decorative foliage of non-woody plant, 1-5 cuts
47. Any other perennial
51. Display Only (not judged)

60. Sweet Peas – 6 stems, any colour
61. Any other annual – 3 stems
62. Display Only (not judged)

70. Rhododendron – 1 truss
71. Clematis – less than 3” in diameter, any colour
72. Clematis – more than 3” in diameter, any colour
72. Any other flowering shrub
73. Any other flowering tree
74. Any other flowering vine
75. Decorative foliage of woody plant/s, 1-3 cuts
77. Display Only (not judged)

80. Peas – 5 pods
81. Asparagus – 3 stalks
82. Rhubarb – 3 stalks
83. Lettuce plant – in water, in own transparent container
84. Kale – 1 leaf in water
85. Swiss Chard – 1 leaf in water
86. Radish – 3 roots, turnip-rooted
87. Radish – 3 roots, long
88. Any fruit
(see Guide for Entrants for numbers required for each type of fruit or vegetable )
printer-friendly version of Vegetable & Fruit Numbers)
89. Any other vegetable
90. Display Only  (not judged)

Herbs should have no flowers and be named
(common names are acceptable)
100. 1 herb growing in a pot
101. Pot of mixed herbs – minimum of 4
102. Mixed herbs in water – minimum of 4, own container
103. Display Only (not judged)

Open to children 13 years and under. Exhibitors to prepare entries without assistance.
Please state age on entry form.
J-1 One small tray or container of labelled, growing seedlings
J-2 Exhibit of flowers and foliage
J-3 Miniature garden on a pie plate
J-4 One clear container which shows the sprouting of one or more seeds, same variety, labelled.

Judging to be done by BC Council of Garden Judges Standards for Non-Specialized Shows, 2017, & by the VRGC Guide For Entrants To The Mini Show (updated 2019).


  • Upon entry to the Hall. please use hand sanitizer, wear a mask, provide requested contact tracing information and maintain a 6′ distance from others
  • All exhibits are to be prepared at home, using your own containers.  There will be no set up table at the Hall.  Your container will not be judged (except for Decorative Division).  Meat trays, paper plates or paper towel would be good options for Fruit and Vegetable exhibits.
  • Please prepare your entry forms at home.  This will help to minimize the amount of time spent in the Hall during set up.
  • Please refer to the VRGC Guide for Entrants to the Mini Show (2019) for tips on how best to exhibit your flowers, fruits & vegetables.
  • All entries must have been grown by the exhibitor for at least 2 months prior to the show.  Flowers in decorative division must be from the exhibitor’s or a friend’s garden (NOT PURCHASED).
  • Exhibits are to be of 1 stem unless stated otherwise.
  • Exhibitors may show more than one entry in a class provided they are different cultivars or species.
  • The tabling of diseased / pest infested plant material is not permitted and such plant material will be removed.
  • Fruit and vegetable exhibits should contain the number of items specified in the VRGC Guide.
  • The judges or the Show Committee may subdivide classes in which there are large numbers of entries.
  • Definitition information is available in the VRGC Guide.

Show Coordinator – 250-658-9495

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