Over the years, our newsletters have kept members in touch even when they were no longer coming to meetings, and long-time members even use it to remember when the next meeting is! The newsletters have kept members informed of local gardening events, who won points in the mini-show, the categories for the next mini-show, and what their executive has been up to!

Newsletter Editors have included Ivan Ranson, Michael Fox, Marilee Davies, Carole Carver and Donna Humphries.

Maureen Thompson faithfully fills the ‘Ask the Experts’ column each month, and many other contributors who uncapped their pens (yes, I know that dates me) to write about something that they found intriguing.

We also appreciated the photos of Joyce Sturmey, Ann Fox and others.

Each editor reflected their own style and brought us together for a time each month when the newsletter arrived (for most of us nowadays, it comes in our Inbox rather than the mailbox).

An excerpt from Celebrating 70 Years
Compiled by Carole Carver
Co-President 2018 +2020
President 2017
Past President 2019
Newsletter Editor 2011 – 2012
Carole has also volunteered in many situations. She often can be counted on to chair a Garden Show or host the Centerpiece workshop in advance of our Annual Awards Celebration & Christmas Social.

updated Jan.13, 2020

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