Trophy – Joan and John Bryant

for Best Entry in the Rose Show
(now known as the Summer Show)

Donated to the club by Joan Bryant in 2009.

The executive planned to establish a trophy in recognition of the Bryants’ contribution to the club.  They discussed this with Joan, who expressed her desire to pay for the cup.

John and Joan’s contributions to the club are too numerous to catalogue.  Many of the items we use today have been suggested and produced by Joan and John.

  • The multitude of green show containers (bottles from one of the local bars) was cleaned then painted using an ingenious stand devised by John for the job.
  • Member nametags are blanks cut by John with the names applied by Joan.
  • Joan is noted for her organization.  She continually thinks of ways to improve the club.  She collaborated with others to produce the View Royal Garden Club Vegetable Standards, a booklet for judging vegetables at our shows.
  • Joan also organized a very respectable lending library for us.

In the 1980s, the Bryants won the High Aggregate Cup at the September Show 6 years in a row, a testament to the quality and diversity of their gardening.  They were enthusiastic members of the Victoria Horticultural Society’s vegetable Group for years.

In the late 1980s, their names started appearing yearly on the High Aggregate Rose Cup, a passion for Joan.  This passion is reflected in the choice of this cup.


In 1995 Joan Bryant and Ted Underhill created a useful pamphlet called The Exhibitors Handbook.  It was further updated in 2005 by Heather West and Del Lang.  Although it has since been succeeded by the even more detailed Mini-Show Guide for Entrants in 2017 (updated 2019), the Exhibitors Guide is still a very worthwhile resource.

An excerpt from Celebrating 70 Years
VRGC, Celebrating 70 years, compiled by Carole Carver
President 2017, 2021
Co-President 2018 thru 2020
Past President 2022
Newsletter Editor 2011 + 2012
Carole has also volunteered in many situations. She often can be counted on to chair a Garden Show or host the Centerpiece workshop in advance of our Annual Awards Celebration & Christmas Social.

“It is with regret we convey the passing of Joan Bryant. She was a real spark plug in the garden club.Instrumental in all the shows, always striving to make them better. Among other endeavours, she set up a club library (as always, done professionally with loan cards and record book!). She specialized in roses but not exclusively for I received a call one night to come right over to see a plant that had a bloom opening that only bloomed once every 7 years. Even after moving to a downtown retirement home and using a walker, she navigated two buses to attend a show at Shoreline school. You may remember seeing her at our 70th VRGC anniversary party. She was a sweet lady, had an effervescent personality with a quick intellect that made her a delight to know.”

Ann Fox, August 2021
Show Coordinator– 2015-2017
Catering Coordinator– 2011
Ann has often opened their garden for tours & workshops
(and so much more…)

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updated Feb.8, 2022

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