Trophy – Eleanor Mace Rose Bowl

for Most Fragrant Rose in the Rose Show
(now known as the Summer Show)

Eleanor Mace loved living in Victoria, where she could garden nearly all year round.  She joined the View Royal Garden Club shortly after she came here.

Eleanor grew all sorts of flowers, flowering bushes, hedges, scotch bluebells (for Roy), but her favourites were roses.  She used rose food, fish food, and powdered potions for her roses.  She had a schedule, which she followed religiously.

Eleanor died in 1991.  Her daughter Heather, and Roy wanted to donate a trophy in her memory.  They decided it would be for the most fragrant rose because the aroma of roses gave Eleanor so much pleasure.  We’re sure she smiles, lights a cigarette, and raises her wine glass to each and every winner of the E. Mace Trophy for the Most Fragrant Rose.  Thanks, Eleanor

Fay Mace

Summer Show 2019


updated Jan.22, 2020

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