Trophy – Bev Granger Cup

for Best Perennial in the Summer Show

May 23, 2018

Bev moved to Vancouver Island from Prince Rupert when she was a child.  The family lived on a small farm in the Duncan area.  Later, after high school graduation, she completed her nurse’s training at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria. Soon after, she married and moved to the Comox Valley.

Bev’s husband Steve, a mason by trade, built a little brick house with a small solarium off the dining room to house Bev’ssucculents.  Bev was a very knowledgeable plant lover.

Shortly before her death in 1997, she and her husband planted a large rose garden on a more spacious property they had just moved to. English country gardens, with the herbaceous borders massed with perennials, also provided so much pleasure for Bev. She was always on the lookout for interesting perennials.

We attended the Victoria Symphony Garden Tours together with another friend for many years. We sought out the plants we’d discovered on those tours from local Victoria nurseries.  On the way home, our small car was full of treasures for our ever-expanding borders!

I learned so much about plants, their names and habits, from my dear friend Bev and am so pleased to honour her memory with this trophy for the Best Perennial in the Summer show

Dorothy Couture

Summer Show 2019


updated Jan. 28, 2020

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