Trophy – Babs Watkins Cup

for Hig Aggregate Vegetable + Fruit in the Summer Show

Babs Watkins was the longest term member of the View Royal Garden Club when she passed in August 2019. At the club’s 70th Anniversary celebration in June, she was asked how long she’d been a member.  She replied, “My parents were members and I just followed along.”

Babs was proud of the club and would often say how wonderful it was that we were still active when so many others had folded.

She grew up in Strawberry Vale and knew my family.  She always asked after my cousin who now lives in Bab’s former family home. She regularly asked me about my travel plans.

Babs was unique.  We will miss her.

Donna Humphries
Vice President–  2010, 2011
Newsletter Editor–2017-2019
Donna has entertained us several times with photo presentations of plants from her travels around the world

Summer Show 2019

This trophy was donated by Joyce & Ken Sturmey.

Joyce Ken Sturmey

Joyce Sturmey
Membership Coordinator 2011-present
VRGC member since 2008
Joyce is a tireless volunteer for the club. She documents club Shows and Metings through her photography.

updated Jan. 22, 2020

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