Trophies – Ruby Creighton

The Creighton Cup
High Aggregate for Perennial Flowers Division at the Fall Show

Fall Show 2019


The Ruby Creighton Cup
for Best Bloom in the Rose Show
(now known as the Summer Show)

Summer Show 2019

The Creighton Cup was donated in 1970 by Mr. & Mrs. Creighton.

Mrs. Ruby Creighton was an active member for many years and served as President for 7 years.  She also wrote a garden club column for the local newspapers.

Our Rose Show was held in the Creighton’s garden for many years. Members brought their entries and a picnic lunch.  The club supplied the ice cream and the Creightons supplied the ‘Royal Sovereign’ strawberries, served fresh from their garden.

One problem with outdoor shows in late June is the uncertain weather, it can get quite windy, and sometimes it rains.  Members often had to put stones in the vases to prevent them from blowing over.

In 1982 the View Royal Garden Club purchased the Ruby Creighton Cup in memory of Ruby.  That year it was also decided to move the Rose Show indoors.  The ice cream and strawberry tradition continues but without the incomparable ‘Royal Sovereign’ berries.

updated Jan.24, 2020

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