Trophy – Thorsen Sturmey Families

for Best in Spring Show

The trophy first awarded in Spring 2017.

I decided to provide a trophy to honour my parents, Ruby and Alex Thorsen. They were both an inspiration to me. They had a beautiful vegetable garden full of carrots, lettuce, corn, beans, lemon cucumbers, potatoes and especially tomatoes. My Father would pluck fruit right off the vine, take it into the house and make a sumptuous sandwich with Kraft Miracle Whip Salad Dressing, salt and pepper and the entire tomato.

There was fruit galore. Peach, plum, cherry and pear trees lined the front and back yards – there was also a peach tree against the house near my parent’s bedroom window – easily accessible for consumption. Then, there were sweet peas in amongst the vegetables and gorgeous rose bushes that graced one side of the front walk. The rose bushes were usually trimmed down drastically each year and then grew to their finest for the summer.

The laurel hedge surrounded most of the yard and house and was maintained well. At times it got overwhelming. Our beautiful green, expansive lawn, which graced the front and back yards, was gorgeous. It had to be cut every week as my four brothers and I and eventually my two sons were to experience as we grew old enough to use the electric lawnmower properly, remembering not to cut the cord. The adjacent boulevard was also turned into lawn by the municipality, which we willingly looked after it.

My Father did the majority of the work, especially as they grew older. Even though my Father had a much shorter left arm as a result of combat during World War II, he managed to maintain and cherish their beautiful home on Pear Street in Saanich.

I needed a different way to show my appreciation of all things beautiful. I decided that photographing the various flowers, fruits and vegetables that the many shows and mini-shows that the View Royal Garden Club held would be a perfect place to take pictures. Unfortunately, I have many allergies to scents. My appreciation of flowers stays at the show or in our yard and not into the house.

Joyce Sturmey
Membership Coordinator 2011-present
VRGC member since 2008
Joyce is a tireless volunteer for the club.   She documents club Shows and Metings through her photography.

Spring Show 2019


Joyce Ken Sturmey

updated Jan.9, 2020

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