Trophy – Barbara Sheldan Cup

High Aggregate by a Junior in the Annual Show
(now known as the Fall Show)

Purchased by the club in 2008 in memory of Barbara.

Barbara moved into her house on Bessborough, which had an overgrown hedge and a few fir trees for landscaping.  Between Barbara’s collecting of plants from any source she could- friends, family, plant sales, plant exchanges, nurseries – and Tim’s strong back for moving dirt & creating rock walls, steps and paths, they transformed their property from a straggly lawn to a lush oasis.

In between the 20-30 minutes a day that she could spare to work on her garden, she took her 2 children, Michael and Lizzie, to soccer, singing lessons, highland dance classes… and then had another 2 children, Sarah and Mathew. Barbara always had time for her children.  She encouraged them to do what they loved and to be interested in what she loved.

Many were the garden club meetings with her little ones at the back – Sarah drawing & colouring pictures, and Barbara trying to keep Matty happy & quiet while the speakers were talking.  Barbara encouraged Michael, Lizzy and Sarah to enter all the View Royal Garden Club Shows.  She worked with them to plant seeds and to do their pie gardens.  This memorial cup is a tribute to 2 of her loves – children and gardening.

Susan Kelly
Co-President– 2015-2016
President– 2014
Vice President– 2013
Co-Secretary– 2018-2021
Secretary– 2008-2017
Door Prize Coordinator– pre-2008-2011

Fall Show 2012

The Sheldan Cup, the only full-sized junior trophy (Fall Show), was donated in memory of club member Barbara Sheldan who passed away (far too young). She was an enthusiastic member whose children participated in the shows.

We continue to offer small ‘keeper’ junior trophies, but entries by children are few and far between. Increasing their participation is an ongoing goal for the Club.

Fall Show 2015

An excerpt from Celebrating 70 Years
Compiled by Carole Carver
Co-President 2018 +2020
President 2017, 2021
Past President 2019
Newsletter Editor 2011 + 2012
Carole has also volunteered in many situations. She often can be counted on to chair a Garden Show or host the Centerpiece workshop in advance of our Annual Awards Celebration & Christmas Social.

updated Jan. 25, 2020

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