Trophies for Novices

The garden club has several trophies that are awarded at each show. Looking at these trophies provides a glimpse into the history of the club and its members.

At the annual Fall Show, there are 3 trophies designated for novices.
A Novice is defined as a competitor who has entered horticultural shows for less than three years or who has won less than three first prize ribbons in that period.

The Dunsford Cup

for Best Show Flower Arrangement, by a Novice, in the Annual Show
(now known as the Fall Show)

It was donated to the club in 1975 by Noni Dunsford, who served on the executive for many years. Later she was made an honorary member.

Fall Show 2012

The Fairburn Cup

For High Aggregate, by a Novice, in the vegetable division of the Annual Show
(now known as the Fall Show)

Awarded in 1975, it was donated by Noni Dunsford in her son’s name.

Joan Mury
Trophies Coordinator– 1996 – present
President 2002-2003
Catering– 2011-2012
She joined the club in 1995 at the encouragement of a friend, Elizabeth Armstrong.  Joan often volunteers at Garden Shows.

Fall Show 2019

The Armstrong Cup

for High Aggregate, by a Novice, in divisions C-H (potted plants, annuals, perennials, roses, shrubs & trees, dahlia & chrysanthemum)
in the Annual Show
(now known as the Fall Show)

First awarded in 1992. It was donated by Elizabeth Armstrong.

Elizabeth was friendly, energetic and enthusiastic. She was a staunch supporter of the View Royal Garden Club, encouraging member participation in all aspects of the club.  During an interview by the Goldstream gazette in 1999 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the club, Elizabeth reiterated that encouragement by stating, “Beginners are the point of the club.”

She was renowned for pinning a small fabric rose on the lapels of new members and providing them with a hearty, “Welcome!”

Elizabeth had an English garden which was full of lovely cutting flowers.  Plants donated to the sales table, identified as coming from Elizabeth’s garden, were always quickly scooped up by other club members.  To this day, we delight in the first appearance of the little yellow aconites by our front entry that will always be “Elizabeth’s.”

Heather West
Heather West & Del Lang were active club members for many years. Del was president for some of them. They donated the Elizabeth Armstrong Cup for High Aggregate in the year’s Mini-Shows. They were also instrumental in 2005, in the updating & colourization of the club’s Exhibitor’s Handbook

Fall Show 2019

In 1999, Dell Lang and Heather West decided they would buy a trophy in remembrance of Elizabeth Armstrong, to commemorate the winner of the Mini-Show.  Any old member would remember Elizabeth with fondness.  She was very active in the club and had an incredible rose garden.

Ann Fox
Show Coordinator– 2015-2017
Catering Coordinator– 2011
Ann has often opened their garden for tours & workshops
(and so much more…)

updated Jan. 24, 2022

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